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Hello! My name is Protima Tiwary, and I am a fitness blogger and travel writer from India. You’ll always find me high on energy, and it’s usually because I’ve enjoyed a great workout :) I write for a living, and workout to find some me-time in an otherwise busy day. I enjoy a good party every now and then, and feel life is too short to wait for the weekends to have a good time. I believe as long as you have DISCIPLINE in your life, you’ll find all the balance that you need to be happy.

I enjoy traveling, and look forward to learning new things from all my travel experiences. Hailing from an Army background, I’ve lived all over the country, but Pune is home.

I hit “Publish” on my first blog post back in Aug 2012, and I’ve never looked back since then. From discussing gooey chocolate brownies and the velvety silkiness of cheesecakes to lifting and training for fun, I have undergone a complete transformation over the years. The idea behind starting a fitness blog was to share my stories with the rest of the interweb, with the hopes of inspiring whoever I could. 2 years into this, and I am ready to take things to the next level with workouts and science backed knowledge. From motivational stories, I am now shifting over to #beastmode

You can keep up with my workout updates on my Instagram 

I professionally write about travel, fitness and food, and am a published writer with leading publications in the country.

I am also an adidas athlete.

Are you a trainer? 

Not yet. But I am going to take up fitness professionally, and will keep you posted on the developments.

How long did it take you to become fit?

I started running in Aug 2012 when I was 65kgs, and I lost 10kgs within 3 months after running 5-7km daily. I then shifted over to HIIT home workouts in Dec 2013, and saw a tone within 3 months. I continued HIIT and running for 3 years before moving over to weight training in April 2017. I realised I was skinny, and aimed to put on weight along with muscle mass. 3 months into weight training and I started seeing an improvement in strength and muscle mass.

Did you always want to get muscular?

I started working out because I wanted to be thin. I was one of the many who thought muscles didn’t look good on women. Today, a lot has changed, and I wish to share this journey with everyone around me. I am proud of my muscles, and I only aim to get fitter with each passing day.

Do you follow any diets?

TBH diets scare me. I eat clean, that’s all that I do. A bite or two of junk once in a while is my idea of a cheat meal. I can now say no to a slice of pizza even when everyone around me is eating it. I only believe in one diet- ghar ka khana (home cooked meal) If you’re eating at home, and eating during times you’re hungry, you’re quite sorted. Also, one cheat meal won’t ruin your progress, and one clean meal won’t show you results. It all comes down to balance. And eating clean of course.

Do you take supplements?

Not yet, but I want to research more and try them out. I will keep sharing updates on my social media channels and the blog as and when I try something new.

How long did it take you to get abs?

Before I answer this, I NEED to tell you that seeing abs is not the ultimate goal of fitness. Not everyone has the same body type, so not everyone will be able to pop abs in the same amount of time. I got a slight tone in 3 months, and maintained that for 3 years. Since June 2017, I have seen fat loss on tummy, and a visible four pack that pops. It was a combination of lifting and eating clean.

Can you help me with a diet plan?

Unfortunately I cannot, since I believe this is a vast field that needs proper research and study, and one diet will not suit all. I strongly recommend you approach a nutritionist instead.

How do you manage your day?

A typical day in my life looks like this: I wake up between 6:30-7am, start working on my freelancing clients by 8:00am and work till around 4pm. I then move on to meetings, which strictly need to be over before 7pm so that I can hit the gym. I train till 9pm on an average, and then head out after a dinner at home, or get on to my next article (post dinner) if at home. My days end at 12:30pm. I usually fall asleep within 5  minutes of hitting the bed :)

Contact me at : dumbbellsanddrama@gmail.com for collaborations. 

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