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About Me

Hello! My name is Protima Tiwary, and I am a travel writer  and fitness blogger from India. You’ll always find me high on energy, and it’s usually because I’ve enjoyed a great workout :) I write for a living, and workout to find some me-time in an otherwise busy day. I enjoy a good party every now and then, and feel life is too short to wait for the weekends to have a good time. I believe as long as you have DISCIPLINE in your life, you’ll find all the balance that you need to be happy.

I enjoy traveling, and look forward to learning new things from all my travel experiences. Hailing from an Army background, I’ve lived all over the country, but Pune is home. My ultimate goal is to workout in every corner of the world. Places ticked off the list till now – Rome, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Phuket, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Koh Rong Islands, and large parts of India #digitalnomad

I hit “Publish” on my first blog post back in Aug 2012, and I’ve never looked back since then. From discussing gooey chocolate brownies and the velvety silkiness of cheesecakes to lifting and training for fun, I have undergone a complete transformation over the years. The idea behind starting a fitness blog was to share my stories with the rest of the interweb, with the hopes of inspiring whoever I could. Today, I also share my travel stories on my website with the hopes of inspiring people to travel. So far, I’ve been successful and your support makes me so happy.

Professionally, I write about travel, fitness and food, and am a published writer with leading publications in the country. Today, as a freelance content writer I help brands build their identity online through their digital content. I also help many brands plan their Instagram strategy, and plan visual branding strategies on Instagram too. Ideas are my strong point, and I work with many brands as a consultant for major brand ideas and campaigns.

Things I discuss on my webpage-

  1. Fitness
  2. Travel
  3. Music Festivals
  4. Emotional and Mental Wellness
  5. Freelancing and life as a digital nomad
  6. Branding and social media

As far as my workouts are concerned, you can keep up with my fitness updates on my Instagram 

Contact me at : dumbbellsanddrama@gmail.com for brand collaborations. 

If you wish to hire me as a content writer and brand consultant, please email me at protima.freelance@gmail.com

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